Press and Testimonials

"... I almost can't wait to break something else."

—Jesse Newhouse, New York, NY
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Over the past few years, Dan has helped me work through a fractured pelvis, frozen neck, and a shattered shoulder with empathy, good humor, knowledgeable explanations, and successful home exercise regimes. At 78, everything is still working, thanks to Dan's extensive experience and expertise, and his happy staff of great assistants."
—ZW, New York, NY

"Dan Tahany was highly recommended after I had knee surgery and I have since enthusiastically told everyone I know who has been in need of PT they should see him. Not only is he incredibly good at what he does but his positive energy and attitude are infectious."
—Rachel Terte, New York, NY

"CityPT was an excellent experience from start to finish. On the clinical end, they were knowledgeable, friendly, and took me through a rigorous rehabilitation process that transformed the way I approach my physical activities now that my knee is better. On the business end, they were professional and organized--always up to date with my insurance company and always able to accommodate my crazy schedule."
—M.J., New York, NY

"I much appreciated your professionalism, friendliness, and warmth to your patients. In less than 3 months under your care, you and your staff helped me finally get my health back – after five months of suffering from a much limited movements on my left shoulder, before I visited your clinic CityPT. Thank you again and hope you a much successful business!"
—J.L., New York, NY

"Staff and facilities were very well organized and friendly. The care was direct and really took care of my ailment."
—M.S., New York, NY

"Dan and his crew were just terrific. They've created a great atmosphere and Dan's magic touch cures all! No one wants to go to physical therapy, but if you have to, CityPT is definitely the place!"
—Marcy Schuck, New York, NY

"When I sustained a pretty complex humeral fracture from a sports injury, it required orthopaedic surgery and involved a very painful and slow recovery. Physical therapy, according to my surgeon, was key to my rehabilitation. I then faced the daunting task of finding the best PT. Fortunately, I got lucky when I came across Dan Tahany and his staff at City PT.

"Dan does excellent work.... I recommend him to everyone who asks for a great physical therapist."

—Craig, New York, NY
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For starters, Dan is a really knowledgeable physical therapist. He has a clear understanding of the body, how it works, and its limitations as well as capabilities. Dan understood the extent of my injury and designed a PT program that has been instrumental in getting me back to tip top shape. It is reassuring to know that my PT has a solid foundation in anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology. Dan is always able to answer my questions about my body and how it works (or doesn't work)! I always have complete confidence in him as a PT because he gives me clear and straightforward answers and he provides results!

Not only is Dan a skilled physical therapist, he is also a great guy. He is a compassionate health care provider and I witness this every time I pay him a visit. He has a remarkable knack for making all of his patients feel comfortable and remembering small details about the lives of everyone he treats. I see him kindly interact with patients of all ages and all cultural backgrounds. It doesn't hurt that he's multi-lingual and capable of communicating in several languages! In short, he fosters a warm and inviting place for patients to be treated. He also employs a really great staff of hard working and fun PT Assistants. This makes my sessions feel like less of a chore and more like a visit with good friends."
—KA, New York, NY

"Everyone there was friendly, helpful, and professional. I looked forward to every visit. I would recommend CityPT to friends, family and strangers on the street...and have! I almost can’t wait to break something else."
—Jesse Newhouse, New York, NY

"The folks at CityPT make twisting, pulling, rolling, and kneading of muscles so much fun! You forget about all the pain you had come there for in the first place! Can't beat that. They made me a believer…If you stretch it, pain free days will come. Oh and Dan singing (badly) to 80’s alt/indie rock helps, too! You guys new wave rock!"
—Eric Papa, New York, NY

"CityPT provided a warm, but professional atmosphere and made physical therapy a pleasure – even fun! I actually looked forward to my appointments and felt improvement from the first appointment!"
—Daniel I. Smith, New York, NY

"Dan does excellent work--I have had a number of injuries from major shoulder surgery to small muscular problems and Dan has consistently made me better with his therapy and exercise routines. I recommend him to everyone who asks for a great physical therapist."
—Craig, New York, NY

"Dan helped me recover from an ACL reconstruction, and in short, he is the best. He is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable, answering all my questions with easy-to-understand explanations. He also always demonstrates exercises so that you can see (and remember) exactly what you need to do. Dan made my recovery, even those early morning sessions, enjoyable and I would recommend him to anyone who needs a physical therapist! I no longer work in Soho, but if I were to need physical therapy again, I would make the commute without question. "
—R.M., New York, NY

"Dan's knowledge, skill, and--above all--unflaggingly cheerful attitude made my physical therapy experience after knee surgery a pleasure. He was patient and responsive to my needs, but was also a great motivator, helping me to push myself to regain strength and mobility. I recommend him enthusiastically!"
—Christy, New York, NY

"Dan really knows his stuff and is great at explaining the mechanics of physical therapy. He is also a fun guy, made coming in for PT at 7am something to look forward to!"
—J.P., New York, NY

"Dan has more than 10 years experience as a physical therapist. He is attentive and creative. He is also an excellent personal trainer. He makes you work harder with his enthusiasm. I highly recommend Dan for all your physical wellness needs."
—H.A., New York, NY

"I was so thankful to have found Dan after I injured my back. I looked forward to every visit and enjoyed both he and his staff. Professional, friendly and really caring people."
—A.C., New York, NY

"Dan and his staff made physical therapy fun and engaging. Dan is a natural. He's also one of the funniest people in town"
—B.P. New York, NY

"City PT was my second attempt at physical therapy and, wow, what a difference!! My low expectations for a post-surgical recovery were quickly challenged when I began making progress after the first few sessions. Dan Tahany provided individualized, informed treatment that really made a difference. The practice is run professionally and with friendly staff that make going to PT much less of a drag. Great office hours allowed me to get in and out before the day officially began. I hope I don't need to, but I would return to Dan for any future PT issues."
—Elizabeth Schapiro, New York, NY

"I have used Dan Tahany as my physical therapist on many occasions and have recommended him to many other people. Everyone agrees – he’s the best!"
—Ezra S., New York, NY

"With your help, I was able to recover very swiftly from surgery, and regain full mobility in my feet! Thank you so much."
—Lynn S., New York, NY

"Dan rocks! He's part of my family now. Professional and always in an uplifting mood."
—Sheril A, New York, NY

"I have recommended friends, family and co-workers who needed physical therapy to CityPT. I've been with CityPT for almost 2yrs recovering from a fractured ankle (which required two surgeries) and surgery for a torn meniscus in the left knee. I am now back to running. My goal was, and is, to run the NY marathon in November of this year (2010). CityPT and their staff have helped me to reach that goal. Their dedication and knowledge of what they do is impeccable. Thank you so much!"
—Sonia Diaz, New York, NY

"Dan, thank you again for fixing my shoulder! It's been a real pleasure coming to your practice and getting top notch treatment. Most importantly your 'light conversations' were always entertaining. A warm farewell to Shirley, Amy and your PT crew."
—Tom B., New York, NY

"Very nice people, cool music, great view and you learn how to take care of your body. Loved every session, thank you City PT."
—Valerie T., New York, NY