Physical Therapy for Martial Artists

Why PT for Martial Artists?

Many of our martial artist-patients tell us they have been disappointed with the Physical Therapy they have received at other practices in the past. The truth is, most physical therapists and physical therapy practices have little experience treating martial artists. They are not familiar with demands of martial arts training and competition. This prevents them from providing optimal care for martial artists. That is where City Physical Therapy stands out.

The City Physical Therapy Advantage

  • Clinical Excellence
  • Martial Arts Experience
  • Superior Rehabilitation and Martial Arts Training Facilities

In addition to his experience as a PT, Dan brings 20 years of martial arts experience to the table. He has treated tons of martial artists over the years ranging from recreational participants to instructors and elite international-level fighters. Dan's understanding of martial arts training enables City Physical Therapy to provide the highest level of care possible for martial artists.

Dan's Martial Arts Profile

  • Over 20 Years Martial Arts Experience
  • 13 Years Karate Experience (Shotokan, Goju-ryu, Shorin-ryu)
    • 2nd Dan Shotokan Karate
  • 8 Years Taekwondo Experience
    • 1st Dan Taekwondo
    • NYU Jidokwan Team '94 - '98
      • Lieutenant Captain '97 - '98
    • Olympic Style Taekwondo Competitor at the Collegiate, State, Regional and National Level
  • Muay Thai
    • Researched head injury in Muay Thai Fighters in Thailand in '96
    • Trained in Thailand at the Sityodtong Thai Boxing Camp ('01, '04)
  • Dan currently trains in:

Located within a one of a kind gym/martial arts training facility/health-wellness center, City Physical Therapy is the premier physical therapy practice for martial arts related injuries and conditions.

Here's what some of our martial artist-patients have to say.

"If you are a martial artist or serious athlete then Dan Tahany and his stellar team at City Physical Therapy are the go to professionals to see for your physical therapy needs. I have been training and fighting in Muay Thai for over three years and have been lucky to stay fairly injury free, but when I sprained my ankle 2 years ago and found Dan Tahany I knew I found the only person I would ever see for my physical therapy needs. He not only got my ankle mobile and pain free, but he progressed our PT sessions to the level of a hard workout to ensure I was strong enough to perform at a competitive level. Recently, I returned to Dan at City PT for a torn iliopsoas tendon -- again, they took me from not being able to do more than walk to my competitive Muay Thai training workouts pain free in 2months. O-waaaay!!!!"
—T.U., New York, NY
Martial Art: Muay Thai

"As a martial artist, having aches and pains is nothing new, but after I sprained my fingers while training, I couldn’t even make a simple fist without feeling stiffness or pain in my hand. Dan and the friendly, knowledgeable staff at CityPT got my fingers and hand back into shape and back to punching in no time. I've seen other therapists before, but CityPT is my top choice for physical therapy!"
—W.C., New York, NY
Martial Art: Shotokan Karate
2nd Dan Blackbelt

"My work at CityPT with Dan not only helped me with my knee injury but it significantly made a positive impact on my physical fitness as a whole. Dan helped me recover from my injury as well as got me into the habit of strengthening my legs on a regular basis which inspired me to attend not only my physical therapy three times a week, but to workout the other two mornings each week. When my PT was lessened to two times per week I was already in the habit of going each weekday, so I started working out three times a week. Now that my work with Dan is over and my knee is recovered I have continued to workout five days a week and I don’t intend to stop. Dan helped me set a foundation in which we started slowly but surely and continuously gained momentum. Dan and his staff are all professional, courteous, attentive, and fun to be around. I would definitely recommend CityPT to all people, whether athletes or not."
—C.C., New York, NY
Martial Art: Muay Thai

"As a lifelong martial artist there's no escaping wear and tear! As I reached my late 40s many of my 'issues' started getting in the way of my training. I've been suffering from 'kali elbow' as a result of 20 years of stick fighting and as a result started loosing range of motion in my arm. Within a few weeks of seeing Dan, my range of motion started improving and I'm experiencing less pain. Although many years of banging have taken its toll, with Dan's insightful therapy, I'll be able to keep banging for another 20 years. I can't recommend him enough!!"
—B.D., New York, NY
Instructor: Pekiti Tirsia Kali, Silat Kuntau Tekpi

"I highly recommend Dan Tahany to any Martial Artist or Athlete. I've been practicing Shotokan Karate competitively for over 20 years and strongly believe Dan is the perfect Physical Therapist to help get you back into training. His knowledge and understanding of the physical needs of the martial artist help my recovery from hand surgery and various muscle strains to top physical condition quickly and effectively. The state of the art facilities plus the always warm staff made going to physical therapy a treat."
—J.L., New York, NY
Instructor: Shotokan Karate
4th Dan Black Belt

"When I first went to City Physical Therapy, I had been having shoulder pain as a result of an injury I acquired doing jiu-jitsu for about a year. The pain was quite substantial and, most importantly, I was no longer able to push myself in the gym to the high level that I was used to. I instantly felt comfortable at CityPT. Dan and his staff are extremely professional and friendly, and promote a great healing environment. Dan diagnosed me with impingement and a possible tear in my rotator cuff muscles. We made a plan to improve my impingement with stretching and strength training. I stuck to the regimen that Dan had laid out for me over the next few months and by the end my flexibility had significantly improved and the pain in my shoulder was gone. I avoided surgery and am now able to train as hard as I like without having to worry about my shoulder. Since working with Dan, I have had two Muay Thai fights. I won the first by TKO and lost the second by split decision. I know my training would not have been nearly as effective without Dan's help."
—J.H., New York, NY
Martial Art: Muay Thai, MMA

"Dan Tahany and City Physical Therapy helped get me back on the mats when everyone else screamed surgery. This is a great team of healers--and Dan is hilarious!"
—J.W., New York, NY
Martial Art: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt under Marcelo Garcia
Author The Art of Learning
8-time National Chess Champion
2-time Tai Chi Chuan Push Hands World Champion
Creator of

"Last spring I developed tendonitis in my right ankle. After a month of treatment from City Physical Therapy, I was back to my training in Muay Thai. Daniel and his staff helped me strengthen my ankle and also provided me with the tools and knowledge to help prevent any further complications. I am fighting strong now!"
—K.E., New York, NY
Martial Art: Muay Thai

"Dan helped me after I dislocated my shoulder during a Muay Thai Fight. He really understood my injury and through intense therapy I was able to get back in the ring 3 months later. My shoulder is definitely stronger now than it was before my injury. I recommend City Physical Therapy for any athlete who needs Physical Therapy."
—P.J-M., New York, NY
Martial Art: Muay Thai